Optimizando el Rendimiento Estudiantil a través de una Evaluación Efectiva del Desempeño Docente.

Paco Joselito Stévez Borja

Publicado: 2023-12-18 

Formato de libro: Digital PDF (Portable Document Format)

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ISBN: 978-99989-64-67-9



This scientific reflection, expressed as “Optimizing Student Performance through Effective Teacher Performance Evaluation,” aims to support teachers in raising awareness of the significant impact of teacher performance evaluation as a mechanism to boost the academic activity of education professionals. The goal is to renew their efforts in pursuit of the much-desired academic improvement in their students, marking both the beginning and end of the teaching profession. This analysis extends to teachers eager to update their professional concepts on a perennially relevant topic.

For the gathering of information recorded in the document, the method of documentary analysis was employed, drawing from valuable researchers and their contributions, some of which remain timeless, as their reflections, despite the passage of time, continue to be relevant.

These contributions are condensed into reflections of interest that lead to debate, addressing aspects still under discussion, as well as the current situation of the topic in the Ecuadorian context. The permanent link between teacher performance evaluation and the quality of education is emphasized, reflected in more prepared teachers and students with greater cognitive tools to face everyday challenges

Keywords: Teacher; Performance; Evaluation; Education

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